Chapter Sisterhood

Bid Day marks the beginning of a new pledge class including over 100 women and the beginning of a new era of our chapter. At Alpha Lambda, our sisterhood has grown to include about 400 members, and we welcome those new members on Bid Day in our sisterhood from the start.  When our members are initiated, they pledge themselves to Tri Delta and promise to live their lives through our purpose.

Delta Delta Delta is a safe place for our members to try new things, meet new people, and to grow into the wonderful women they are. We match each of our new members with a sponsor, an older member of the chapter, to look out for her and guide her through her new member process and transition into the chapter. The bonds of sisterhood are unlike any other. Tri Delta is there for each sister as a new member, an initiated member, as a member abroad, and as an alumna. This sisterhood is not just for four years; it is for life.  


brave, bold, kind