Here at Alpha Lambda, we strive to consistently emphasize the relevance of maintaining high academic standards and promoting excellence within our chapter.  We have several different ways of rewarding our sisters who devote their time to making our chapter stand out academically.  Our chapter rewards all girls who make a 3.5 or higher GPA each semester with a dessert party planned by the academic development chair.  Each week at chapter, we pass around a "Smart Cookie Jar" for girls who do exceptionally well on a test, project or assignment that week, and the name of one lucky sister is drawn to receive a gift card from one of our chapter's favorite local boutiques or coffee shops.  We have an abundant amount of test files that have been compiled over the years to help our members study for their exams.  

We always encourage our sisters to utilize all the wonderful academic resources around campus as well. As finals approach at the end of each semester, all of these resources become a major part in our chapter's academic success.  We also provide "exam breakers" at the house during finals week to help girls take a break from studying by bringing in treats from local businesses.  We fully expect to uphold each and every one of our sisters to an even higher academic standard than the year before to reach an even better overall GPA.             

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